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AlcoPro offers the largest supply of professional drug and alcohol testing supplies in the industry, as well as repair services and tech support for their equipment and even online and in-person training courses. Product sales make up the majority of their revenue, both through their ecommerce store and via phone orders from customers who first research products online.

All elements of AlcoPro's business, from ecommerce to product repair to training programs for drug and alcohol testers, rely on organic traffic to connect with customers—making search engine optimization absolutely key to their success.

AlcoPro Website

The Work

We started with a comprehensive audit of AlcoPro’s website, Google Analytics, and current search engine marketing strategy. We then used that data to identify site issues and prioritize them by impact, and our team worked together to tackle the changes that needed to be made. As always, our SEO work was focused on the bottom line—changes that translate into trackable ROI, so both we and AlcoPro would be able to see the impacts and continue improving.

Overall, we reduced site auditor errors from 12,910 to 115, improved the site's user experience, and made numerous other changes to reduce crawl errors, optimize Google Search Console, and optimize images and metadata. Here's a summary of the most impactful fixes:

  • Improved overall page loading time, making it 16.36% faster on mobile and 189.29% faster on desktop
  • Synced and optimized business listings in 70+ directories
  • Fixed 130+ broken links with 301 redirects to regain authority from missing URLs
  • Fixed 27 broken product “library” links using outdated links to PDF files
  • Saved 500 mb by compressing all onsite images, resulting in faster page load times
  • Updated 200+ product titles and meta descriptions, resulting in significant gains in SERP rankings
  • Installed and configured Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), leading to 23,692 clicks in 90 days

AlcoPro Results

Result: Year-Over-Year Changes in Ecommerce Sales

  • 209% increase in new users (organic traffic)
  • 38% increase in transactions from organic traffic resulting in a 13% increase in revenue from organic traffic post-audit
  • 62% increase in new users via direct traffic (local listings and overall brand awareness) and 26% increase in transactions from direct traffic (17.32% increase in revenue from direct)
  • Total YoY revenue increase 5.5% and a 21% increase in overall transactions (including all traffic)

Our audits yielded more than just errors; we were also able to tell AlcoPro valuable pieces of information like which cities produce the most commerce revenue, top search queries, who they’re competing with for keyword rankings, and which landing pages bring in the most new users and have the best traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and ultimately revenue.

"With VIEOs help and expertise in SEO and the related changes made to our site, AlcoPro was able to increase our traffic and conversion rates. As a result, we have so far seen this year a 10% boost in ecommerce sales."
Jennie Lee-Pace AlcoPro

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