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Getting the Green for Direct CBD

Direct CBD Online

E-commerce, branding, and growth driven marketing


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Project description:

Getting the green

Growth-driven marketing for brand recognition and expertise

When you need a commerce-centric website and brand on a lightning-fast deadline, who you gonna call? Well, in the case of Direct CBD Online, the answer was simple: VIEO Design. 

While the answer may have been simple for them, the work was anything but — that lightning-fast deadline we mentioned? Yep, that was only a week! 

But with a confident strategy, a dedicated team, and a client who knows what they want, anything is possible. And one week later, Direct CBD Online was able to view their initial site and logo design!

This was a very special case and not a normal service that we offer, but we believe in adaptability, especially when it comes to meeting challenges that help our clients stand out in a noisy marketplace. Direct CBD Online began as a brand new voice in a booming product category and needed to move fast to keep up with the accelerating pace. Dedicated to meeting their needs, we set aside our normal product offerings and began with a customized template, vowing to work up to a custom site design at a later time. 

Direct CBD's Website
Direct CBD's Results


After the first six months, Direct CBD Online had:

  • 444%
    increase in traffic
  • 1,159%
    increase in transactions
  • 912%
    Increase in Revenue

Web Design and Development

Although we don't normally do template customization, the site had to be up and running quickly — so we made an exception. We began with the template and focused efforts on e-commerce, affiliate, and wholesale programs, and a customer rewards program. All of which were initially set up and integrated or managed by the original template. Once the fledgling site was operational, we reinvested our efforts into a growth-driven design approach that turned into what it is today: a fully custom-design website.


Starting from scratch, the VIEO team lead the charge to create this completely new brand in an emerging product category. We created the brand, logo design, content strategy, and original template to embrace the simple, straightforward approach to CBD purchasing that Direct CBD Online values. Over the months, we have worked with Direct CBD Online on a print design strategy, focusing primarily on product package inserts. We are currently designing a magazine ad and future packaging design, as well.

Growth-Driven Inbound Marketing

Creating a digital strategy from the ground up is always an exciting challenge. The VIEO team created an initial and ongoing digital strategy that grows and expands in response to the data we collect - as our strategies always do! We wanted to establish Direct CBD Online as a one-stop-shop for all things CBD, from education and news to the perfect place to buy a wide variety of highly-vetted, quality CBD products. With the strict regulations around digital advertising for CBD, solid inbound marketing tactics were the way to get this new company on the map.

Digital Advertising

Advertising for CBD products provided a unique challenge due to evolving federal regulations that currently don't allow for social ads or Google Ads. We had no interest in creating sly campaigns that put our client at risk, so we found industry-appropriate websites and platforms for digital advertising. In the interest of providing the best digital advertising possible for Direct CBD Online, we keep up to date with the current regulations and continue running ads on the most suitable platforms.

Sales Enablement

A beautiful e-commerce platform, well-organized website, and eye-catching branding don’t serve their purpose if they aren’t helping to make sales. We set up customer relationship management with live chat setup, custom messaging for specific pages, and a B2B sales email strategy to communicate with wholesale prospects.


In addition to the ongoing e-commerce conversion optimization on the Direct CBD Online store, we set up and optimized Amazon and eBay seller accounts. These accounts serve to further improve the reach and recognition of the Direct CBD Online brand and meet customers where they are making purchases.


The results:

The Direct CBD online store continues to grow at an exciting rate.

Recent Year-over-year results were:

Increase in traffic
Increase in Transactions
Increase in Revenue
Ecommerce Conversion Rate Increase
Increase in new visitors


The client is thrilled

“VIEO is a joy to work with. They have a friendly and very talented staff who most importantly get the job done!"

John Wiesehan III, CEO & Founder
Direct CBD Online

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