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HubSpot, a history


HubSpot was originally known for “inbound marketing,” a term coined years ago by HubSpot co-founder, Brian Halligan. Today, the inbound approach is used in far more than just marketing. The inbound methodology can be applied to marketing, sales, and customer service to attract, engage, and delight prospects and customers at every stage of their relationship with your business. Over the years, HubSpot has added tools within their platform to support this "flywheel" business model, leaving behind the older ideology of a more linear, "funnel-like" concept.

A History of HubSpot from a Knoxville Marketing Agency
Marketing Agency in Knoxville Tennessee


Why should you think about your business as a flywheel instead of a funnel? With a funnel, you have to continually add energy at the top to maintain speed, but a flywheel stores rotational energy. Unlike the funnel, a flywheel will continue spinning unless some other force is applied to slow it down. Thinking in terms of a business, happy customers will continue to purchase from you and, better yet, tell friends, family, and strangers about your brand. Unhappy customers or those who have an unpleasant experience with your sales team will slow your flywheel and business growth down. HubSpot's tools help you create, support, and measure your business flywheel.

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The HubSpot Growth Platform

The HubSpot Growth Platform includes a full range of software for marketing, sales, and customer service. With the free CRM tool as its core, HubSpot's Growth Platform allows you to easily connect to all your favorite tools and track your entire customer journey. This platform is perfect for businesses of every shape and size because it grows as you do!


Marketing Hub

Grow traffic, convert more leads into sales, and track your revenue easily with the tools available within HubSpot's Marketing Hub.


Get found online

  • Blog HubSpot’s blogging tools help you create SEO optimized blog posts and provide comprehensive reporting on your blog's success and business impact.
  • Landing Pages Using HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor, you can create lead-capturing landing pages and A/B test them over time for continuous improvement.
  • Social MediaHubSpot’s social media tools let you schedule social media posts, assign posts to specific campaigns, monitor terms, monitor engagement, analyze performance, and measure the ROI from your social media efforts. Works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Content Strategy HubSpot’s content tools add power to your SEO efforts by helping you organize your content structure from pillar content pages to subtopic clusters. With these tools, you can measure the success of specific topic clusters for driving visits, leads, and customers.
  • Seo HubSpot’s native SEO tools help you identify optimization issues across your entire website, better optimize your pages to get more organic traffic, and get SEO tips for new pages and posts you create. With Google Search Console integration, you’ll also get insights like average organic search ranking position, total impressions, and clickthrough rate.
  • Ads Connect accounts from HubSpot’s supported ad networks to leverage data from your HubSpot CRM and web analytics to inform your ad campaigns. You’ll be able to create audiences and see which ads are generating the most leads and customers.

Convert & nurture leads

  • Email MarketingAdvanced email marketing and contact list segmentation tools will enhance your marketing strategies with extensive personalization options. You can send bulk emails tested and optimized for different inboxes and device types.
  • Marketing Automation Marketing automation workflows will save hours of time on internal and external tasks and communications triggered by enrollment rules you set. Using an intuitive visual editor, you’ll be able to build robust customer journeys.
  • Ctas The Call-to-Action (CTA) tool lets you quickly create CTAs to display in strategic positions throughout your website and blog. HubSpot's Smart CTAs can dynamically change for different types of website visitors to better personalize their experience based on the rules you set.
  • video You can host and manage video files within HubSpot and embed them onto website pages and in your social media posts. You can also add CTAs and forms within your videos, and track performance.
  • conversational bots You can scale HubSpot’s live chat further using bots. Bots can qualify leads, collect and store contact data, book meetings, and send leads to the right salesperson.
  • a/b testing With A/B testing, you can run A/B tests on landing pages, CTAs, and emails to hone in on the best performing variations in copy and design.
  • live chat With HubSpot’s live chat tools, you can have 1-to-1 conversations with visitors as they browse your website and provide the information needed to turn them into qualified leads.
  • forms HubSpot’s forms tools let you create pop-up, embedded, standalone, and collected forms to convert leads online and gather the contact details you need to nurture leads and customers.
  • smart content Using smart content in HubSpot, you’ll be able to personalize the experience in your email marketing and for your website visitors. Smar content allows you to use rules to show different content to different audiences — even to anonymous visitors.

Measure Revenue

  • campaign reporting HubSpot’s campaign reporting allows you to group specific content pieces into a campaign and understand how each blog post, landing page, social post, email, and other sources are contributing to your goals.
  • website traffic analytics HubSpot has a multitude of reports and reporting dashboards including website traffic analytics. You’ll be able to see how your content is performing with detailed filters, like bounce rate, average time on page, visitor-to-contact conversion rates, and more.
  • attribution reporting HubSpot’s reports give you in-depth, customizable data on your marketing performance, so you know how you're doing and where to improve. The attribution reports are particularly powerful for understanding what content and marketing sources are converting the most leads and customers.

Sales Hub

Sell in a more relevant, personal way with HubSpot's Sales Hub. With these comprehensive, efficient tools, you get to save time and close more deals with less effort.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Sales Process automationHubSpot’s Sales Hub includes several tools to help automate your sales process. With lead rotation, you can assign leads round-robin. With sequences, you’ll be able to automate follow-up emails and tasks to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. With workflows for deals, you can trigger tasks and notifications as deals work their way through your sales pipeline. With email templates, you can save time and improve results by turning your best-performing emails into reusable templates shared with your team and personalized before sending.
  • email tracking: open, clicks, & repliesYou’ll be able to automatically log and track one-off emails to prospects and receive real-time notifications when your emails are opened or clicked. Replies from your prospects can be logged automatically with no copy and paste required! You’ll also have the ability to schedule 1-to-1 emails for the right send and receipt time. If your company uses team-wide email addresses like “sales@” or “info@” emails, you’ll love the ability to connect team emails to your Conversations inbox and turn incoming emails into tickets, or send them straight into a shared inbox. No more worrying about sales opportunities or customer questions slipping through the cracks!
  • lead activity notificationsHubSpot tells you as soon as a lead visits your website, opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment — and surfaces the most relevant notifications at the top of your feed. You can perfectly time your follow-up with prospects and customers using important insights and behavioral triggers. Comprehensive timelines for each contact automatically track interactions with your website, emails, chat sessions, and even internal conversations between you and your team members.
  • gmail & outlook integrationUsing HubSopt’s powerful email system integrations, you’ll be able to execute a number of sales tasks directly from your email inbox. Without leaving your inbox you can automatically create contacts and companies, log and track emails, view contact activity timelines, create tasks, use email templates, insert meeting links, documents, snippets, and more.
  • callingWith the Sales Hub Calling feature, you can queue up a list of sales calls and make them from inside your browser. You can log calls to your CRM automatically and record calls for future reference in a single click.

Close leads faster

  • meeting schedulingScheduling Meetings has never been easier with HubSpot's meetings tool. You can create personal and team meeting links to share with prospects or clients. No more back-and-forth emails trying to find a good time to meet. Your prospects will be able to see when you're free, book a meeting, and get pre-programmed friendly reminders so they're more likely to attend. You can also embed meeting calendars directly on pages of your website so prospects can book a future meeting with a specific sales team member, group, or round-robin.
  • tasks & activitiesHubSpot’s Tasks feature helps you keep track of all your planned sales activities along with the associated contact, company, deal, or ticket. You can assign tasks to yourself or team members, set due dates, schedule email reminders, and assign task priority. You can group similar types of tasks together into task queues, allowing you to quickly and efficiently work through your sales outreach and follow-up list.
  • 1:1 videoWith 1:1 video creation, you’ll be able to create and share personalized videos with prospects directly from HubSpot’s CRM and track performance to improve results over time.
  • live chatLive chat and conversational bots give you the power to answer prospect questions in real-time and increase your chances of closing a sale. Chat directly with visitors as they browse your website to provide timely answers to their questions about your company’s services. Program chatbots to help you qualify leads, connect visitors to the right rep, book sales meetings, and scale 1-to-1 communications. You’ll also get Facebook Messenger integration to automatically capture contact information, create chatbots, have two-way communications with your Facebook audience, and report on chat volume.

track, forecast, & improve

  • Pipeline managementUsing the Deals feature in HubSpot, you can keep track of sales, prioritize outreach efforts, and track progress in filterable dashboards. When you add new deals from a contact or company record, HubSpot’s CRM saves you time by populating much of the deal’s information automatically. Create different pipelines for different types of deals, customize deal stages in each pipeline to your sales process, and predict future revenue based on how likely deals are to close when they reach each stage.
  • rep productivity performance
  • deal forecasting

Service Hub

Use the comprehensive tools within HubSpot's Service Hub to better engage your customers, guide them through your sales flywheel, and create enthusiastic promoters.


Organize & track customer communications

  • Ticketing
  • live chat
  • conversations inbox
  • conversational bots
  • calling
  • team email

Help & Delight Customers at Scale

  • knowledge base
  • 1:1 video
  • templates
  • email sequences
  • task automation
  • ticket automation

Measure & Improve customer experience

  • time-to-close reports
  • tickets closed reports
  • rep productivity performance
  • customer surveys

grow better with hubspot crm

Equipped with tools and support for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, this platform doesn't just help you grow bigger — it helps you grow better.


unify your marketing, sales, & service databases

  • contact management
  • company records
  • forms

share context between teams

  • contact activity
  • contact & company insights
  • documents

organize & track customer communications

  • reporting dashboard
  • conversations inbox
  • team email
  • live chat
  • conversational bots
  • tasks
  • deals
  • ticketing

Hubspot training

We use HubSpot every day for ourselves and our clients and have been since 2013. We love experimenting with new ways to leverage this powerful growth platform — and then teach those methods and tricks to our clients!


In-Person HubSpot Training

  • custom developed to your business need
  • catered to you hubspot level/subscription
  • focused on your training goals
  • hubspot certified training expertise

Interactive Workshop Format

  • includes live practice
  • hands-on experience
  • q&a format for clarity
HubSpot Partner Support

HubSpot Partner Support

Full disclosure: as a Gold Tier HubSpot Partner Agency, we're pretty big fans of HubSpot's software, certifications, and training resources. We use HubSpot every day for ourselves and our clients and have been since 2013. We love experimenting with new ways to leverage this powerful growth platform. In fact, we've been innovators in using HubSpot to find and evaluate the best possible job candidates.

As HubSpot partners, we are not only incredibly driven to get the results our clients using HubSpot want, but we're required to meet a Customer Happiness Index, as well. In our experience, one of the best ways to keep clients happy is to consistently demonstrate the ROI of our efforts, and HubSpot's closed-loop tracking capabilities make it easy.

When you're choosing a HubSpot partner, it's extremely important to find a good fit. After all, you'll be working closely with that agency for a long time if all goes well. Why choose VIEO? We're grateful to our friend Leia Dudek, a Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, for summing it up so well:


In short, working with the team at VIEO is like working with family. They take the time to listen and offer creative ways to help their clients grow their businesses. The culture at VIEO is also second to none which is paramount to the success of their clients. Not to mention, they are multifaceted. Of course they can offer superior services within marketing, but should a prospective client also have the need to grow sales efforts or design a process around support, they can do that too. By hiring VIEO as your agency, you get the whole package with an incredible staff behind it. You cannot go wrong by hiring this team.

-Leia Dudek • Channel Account Manager at HubSpot



As always, no strings attached—we're here to answer your questions and find out whether or not HubSpot is the right option for your company.

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